Artist's Collective in Elk
6031 S. Highway 1, Elk California    707.877-1128

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The month of A
ugust will feature the
Art of
Rachel Lahn
“ My paintings and dimensional constructions are about movement
flowing into shapes of color and light. They are reflections of my
feelings, travels, and countless transitions. I like my work to speak for
itself... not too many words. I build abstract relief constructions out of
canvas, plaster, wire and wood with mixed media.  Once started they
take on a life of their own, one form inspiring the next. When I need
shape and color inspiration for a piece, I go outside and absorb the life
and light in the plants, Redwood trees, mountains, ocean and sunlight
that surround me. I paint and draw the energies and shapes of nature.
Open seven days a week
from 10-5
0% commission charged
to our artists
Fine art at reasonable
We are a group of artists spanning from Ft.
Bragg north and Sea Ranch south -
gathered together in the sweet town of Elk Ca.  
We offer a vast variety of original fine art, which
includes photography, paintings, drawings,
jewelry, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, and redwood
furniture.  We also have greeting cards for every

Ajah Leas
Alex Magnan
Alison Gardner
Anne Kessler
Betty Rack
Brenda Hall
Bruce Jones
Carol Chell
Craig Hathaway
Cynthia Myers
Damaris Pyle
Gail Coulson
Irene Nicholson
James Dahl
Jane Mothersill
Joelle Signorelli

Jim Vickery
Karen Dunbar
Lee Zabin
Michael Doten
Rabbani Kenyon
Rachel Lahn
Rhoda Teplow
Scott Chieffo
Sondra Sula
Steve Chell
Steve Strand
Sophia Sutherland
Walt Rush
Wendy Meyer
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