Artist's Collective in Elk
6031 S. Highway 1, Elk California    707.877-1128
The Artist's Collective was born in July/August of 2007.  It
was previously the home of The Elk Studio Gallery.  The
Elk Studio Gallery was in danger of closing its doors, so I
along with my partner, decided to take a chance and keep
the doors open.  We revamped the organization and with
only word of mouth advertising, we had a full house of
wonderful, talented people.  We expanded in July of 2010
and have doubled our membership.
Who We Are
The Artist's Collective is run by Craig Hathaway and Lu

Craig has lived in Elk for quite some time and has a teenage
son, Carson.  Craig makes beautiful redwood furniture and
also has a showroom in Ft. Bragg.

Lu Vickery is a recent arrival to the Coast.  She retired here
with her husband Jim and they have 3 grown sons.  Jim is a
member of the Gallery and does oil painting.
Artist's Collective in Elk
6031 South Hwy 1
PO Box 155
Elk, CA 95432
ph: 707-877-1128
alt: 707-882-2792
Craig Hathaway & Lu Vickery
All images on this site are
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Our Goal
Our Goal is to make original art, that is beautiful and
exquisite in every way, while still being affordable.  Craig
and I opened the Collective not with the idea to "make
money".  Our members pay dues that pay the rent and in
return, we charge them no commission fees.  We are
lucky to be able to do this and are grateful to our
members.  This arrangement allows our clients to
purchase wonderful pieces of art at studio prices.  

If you are interested in becoming a member please do
not hesitate to
contact us.